With the demand for procedures skyrocketing over the last few years, dermal filler treatments have become one of the fastest-growing trends within the cosmetic makeup industry. As the amount of dermal filler practitioners and procedures increases, so too do the amount of dermal filler products available on the market. Prospective clients now face a wide range of choice from competing brands like Juvederm, Revolax, Restylane, Dermalax, Radiesse and Captique – just to name a few. With each company claiming their dermal filler is the best, it’s hard for clients to know which one is right for them. However, there is a broad spectrum when it comes to quality, and in order for a dermal filler to be of the highest standard there are certain criteria that need to be met.

The perfect dermal filler must be able to deliver a versatile range of outcomes whilst also producing natural-looking results. The effects from the treatment must be durable, and the filler must be safe and affordable. If you were to ask an experienced technician to think of a dermal filler brand that meets these criteria, then Dermalax would undoubtedly come to mind. But what is Dermalax? And what are the benefits of choosing it over other dermal filler brands?

What is Dermalax?

Dermalax is a market leading soft-tissue filler of outstanding quality and affordability, and has earned a reputation for producing unbelievably natural-looking results. Part of the reason Dermalax yields the most natural outcomes is due to the fact that it is primarily composed of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance produced by the body that has a remarkable ability to bind water molecules. It is most commonly found in the skin and is responsible for making our faces look healthy, hydrated, firm, and youthful. When injected into the skin, hyaluronic acid can smooth out wrinkles and add volume to areas that are lacking – meaning it has a fantastic use in the beauty industry for enhancing facial characteristics. Cosmetic surgeons often prefer hyaluronic acid-based products to artificial alternatives (such as silicone-based filler)  because they are safer and pose less risk of long-lasting side effects. They also have the additional benefit of being non-permanent. 

What are the Benefits of Using Dermalax?

Aside from the benefits gained from its hyaluronic acid composition, the high quality of Dermalax’s results are achieved in part by its innovative structural design. Dermalax’s monophasic structure means that each particle injected into the client’s skin is of the same size and shape. This means the client can enjoy a smooth, evenly distributed dermal filler that aids the naturalness of their results. The dense structural feature means that there is no migration of the implant gel from where it has been injected into the skin. Many lower quality brands have a biphasic structure and, although these options may be cheaper, they often come at the cost of uneven and asymmetric results, due to biphasic particles being of different size and shapes. 

The dense monophasic structure of Dermalax leads not only to a wonderfully balanced result, but also means that the treatment is highly durable, with results lasting for 12-18 months depending on which product from the Dermalax range is used. However, it is important to note that the duration of results can also depend on a number of lifestyle factors such as diet, activity level and metabolism.

Dermalax is also an incredibly safe product to use. Although a dermal filler treatment does involve an injection into the skin, it is much less invasive than other corrective procedures, and the risk of adverse effects are minimal. 100% biodegradable and clinically tested, Dermalax is the perfect product for those looking for natural results at a great price with very little risk of side effects. Further to the safety of using Dermalax, clients will also feel the benefit of its 3% lidocaine composition. Since lidocaine acts as an anaesthetic, the pain of the procedure is also reduced to a minimum, and technicians will have no need to use a separate anaesthetic for the treatment.

Which Dermalax Product is Right For Me?

There are three main Dermalax products available, each one designed specifically to target  different areas of the face and body, and to meet different aesthetic goals. Dermalax Plus has been designed to correct shallow lines and wrinkles that form around the eyes, forehead and mouth as we age. With results lasting for up to a year, Dermalax Plus is the perfect product to restore the skin’s natural youthfulness.

Over time our fine lines start to develop into deeper folds in the skin. To address these more considerable wrinkles Dermalax Deep Plus has been produced. With a more dense structural composition than Dermalax Plus, Dermalax Deep Plus really targets the entrenched folds on our faces, and smooth them out. As well as being used to fill facial folds, Deep Plus can be used as an instant lip plumper and to correct lip lines. Clients can expect their results from Dermalax Deep Plus to last for around 12 months.   

For facial enhancement procedures, Dermalax Implant Plus has been ranked among the top products available on the market today. Like all other Dermalax products, Implant Plus has a monophasic structure that guarantees beautifully natural results. For those looking to add volume to their lips, fill out cheekbones or jawlines, or correct nose imperfections, it is undoubtedly one of the best products used by practitioners around the world today. What makes Dermalax Implant Plus a market leader in the industry is its durability: clients will enjoy incredible results for a year –  much longer than what many competing brands offer.

Dermalax is a wonderful brand with a versatile and high-quality range of products. Whilst there are certainly many brands to choose from, Dermalax has to be ranked one of the top companies producing dermal filler today. Due to its cutting-edge design, durability, and the effortlessly natural results it produces, it is almost impossible to beat. In addition, the only competing brands selling products of the same calibre market their stock at a much higher price. When looking at the broad spectrum of criteria that comprise a great dermal filler, Dermalax ticks all the boxes.

So there you have it! Absolutely everything you need to know about Dermalax and why it can be seen as one of the best filler brands in the business.

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