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EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine + FREE Masks

Every purchase with us will receive a FREE box of 50 x Type 1 Medical Blue Masks 


EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine is one of EPTQ’s most powerful filler products. EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine has another brilliant use: it is an amazing face sculpting product which aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic surgeons can use to reshape and enhance facial contours (such as jawlines, Chin and cheeks).


Recommended Areas of Use

It can also be used to shape facial contours such as cheeks, chins and jawlines. EPTQ can be used to restore fullness in these areas.

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EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine
This item: EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine + FREE Masks
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EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine

EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine is more powerful than other filler products, it has been tried and tested to ensure that pain and discomfort is kept to a minimum when used properly.

What can EPTQ do for you?

Amazing performance

EPTQ ensures a brilliant volumizing effect and a soft extrusion force which guarantees excellent results.

Better Comfort

EPTQ is infused with lidocaine in order to improve comfort and reduce pain during a filler procedure.

The Best Choice

EPTQ is one of the most versatile filler products on the market. It can be used for a number of procedures, from face wrinkles to lips enhancement to surgical procedures. EPTQ also produces no serious side effects and is one of the safest biologic fillers available. EPTQ is a tried and tested product that is safe to use on all skin types as long as a trained and certified practitioner applies the filler correctly. 

Where to Inject
Deep layer of subcutis

Volume of Syringe = 1.1ml
Needle Size = 27G
Storage = 2-25°C
Duration = More than 9-12 Months
Approval Status = CE Certified
Endotoxins = contains high purity HA content for prevention of swelling and contains less

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4 reviews for EPTQ S500 With Lidocaine + FREE Masks

  1. Sharlene Daly

    Works so well on some of my more particular, specific clients. Definitely will be making another order ASAP

  2. Justine Stanley

    I was using another well known brand before but I am actually really glad I have decided to try this website and products. My clients and I are noticing the difference. Also my order came so quickly! Amazing service all round.

  3. Shannon Mason

    Not only did this company help me out massively with my order but they also helped with directing me in the way of getting some more training for my girls at our salon. It really makes a difference when a company shows they are prepared to go above and beyond to help their customers. Thankyou so much Buy Dermal Filler

  4. Olivia Driver

    What a great company! Supplies high quality products and delivers them fast and surprisingly is also based here in the UK so when you need to get hold of them you actually can really easily.

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